Leather, the first invented technology by human beings started with natural processing techniques with vegetables & earth metals. It is now processed with the help of modern art of Biotechnology. Enzymes the secreted proteins of micro organisms works on natural proteins like collagen. The state of art of newly generated biotechnological science being applied to depilatory action- the Un-hairing to fiber splitting. - The Bating action. This bioscience also applied from Re hydration – The Soaking to Degreasing of natural fats and grease.

Our Offerings

• Highly effective enzyme for soaking application

• Highly concentrated powder providing better economy of use in bating

• A versatile acidic bate with combination of different enzymes

• New generation enzyme based eco friendly bio degradable, Liming agent

• New generation enzyme based eco friendly biodegradable, degreasing agent.
  It has optimum swell regulating properties which result in excellent grain smoothness

Highly effective de folding enzyme

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