Enzymes offer new and emerging technologies to aid the production and processes in Pulp and Paper Industry such as deinking, biobleaching, refining, sticky removal, drainage aid etc. For example, cellulase can be used in deinking process to reduce or completely replace use of hazardous chemicals like hydrogen peroxide and silicate. Xylanases can be used to reduce the amount of bleaching chemicals such as chlorine and chlorine dioxide, giving corresponding reductions in the amounts of chlorate and chlorinated organic compounds in the effluent. Similarly, various other enzymes are also available for refining, sticky removal and decolorisation of liquor to reduce or replace use of hazardous chemicals completely.

Our Offerings for deinking

• Blended enzymes specially design for complete replacement of deinking chemicals in News print & Writing Printing Paper

• Cellulase for deinking of Newsprint & Writing Printing paper. It helps reduces the chemical consumption up to 50% in deinking process

• Economy range powder for deinking of Newsprint & Writing Printing Paper

• Liquid cellulase for deinking of Newsprint & Writing Printing paper

• Thermostable Alkaline Xylanase for bleach boosting of virgin paper. It can replace up to 20% of hypochlorite bleaching process

Deinking performance booster

Deinking performance booster

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